How to stand up for youself, avoid conlict? Unexpected anwser!

Avoiding everything related to conflict could be seen as avoiding self growth.
That only temporarly prevents the conflicts you meet repeatadly.

There is a reason that those kinds of people/things come your way.
Of course you coukld walk away from … Read the rest

Vergelijking deepfake Rutte & de Jonge – White Christmas (ft. van Dissel, Gommers) Deepfake originele beelden!

Hoe is het gemaakt? Het maken van de Deepfake van Rutte & de Jonge, Gommers van fake it or leave it.
De deepfake video is gemaakt door het gebruik van deepfake software.
Vele duizenden foto’s (in dit geval van Rutte … Read the rest

Buy hand wind dynamo power bank, alarm siren, radio and flashlight!

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This device could save your life in as a powerful light, it’s a power bank that you can charge with solar power and the hand crank Dynamo.

So you can keep it charged … Read the rest