How to solve critical error after updating to PHP 7 or above – WordPress solution

This can be caused by a faulty plug-in.
1. Go back to a php version that the website works.
2. Then in WordPress de-activate all the plugins via Dashboard->Plugins menu button on the left.

3. In case you are unable … Read the rest

Windows 10 blocking site proxy http://http= port 8082 how to remove

Proxy http://http=
port 8082 keep manually turnin on.

Possible cause: proxy set by software Video Downloader Ultimate
This is a plugin for chrome and firefox.

Solution: you can manually turn of the proxy.
Or uninstall the software.

In Windows 10, … Read the rest

How to disable featured image in post WordPress twenty sixteen and fifteen theme

If you want to disable featured image in post or page you can paste the code below in ‘custom CSS code’

.single-post .attachment-post-thumbnail {
display: none;
.post.has-post-thumbnail {
padding-top: 4%;

We have checked this with WordPress Twenty Sixteen … Read the rest

How to disable subtitle default in VLC media player

You can disable, turn off VLC media player from starting subtitle automatically.

  1. In VLC media player go to preference
  2. Choose Subtitle/OSD
  3. Type ‘none’ in the Preferred subtitle language
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Make Plural Eyes work with Vegas Pro 17, 18 and 19


Place the plugin file ‘PE4VegasLoader14.dll’ in:
C:\ProgramData\VEGAS Pro\17.0\Application Extensions
C:\ProgramData\VEGAS Pro\17.0\Application Extensions\PE4VegasLoader14.dll
If plural eyes is not showing up or working in Vegas pro.

What happened to Red Giant, Redgiant company?
Red giant is now part of the Read the rest

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