The most innovative tech company Apple vs Microsoft, Ipad vs Surface

What do you think is the most innovative tech company apple? Google?

Samsung? Microsoft is not often mentioned as an innovative company, but it is right because after it has a dusty image or actually does quite cool things like the service you have recently presented to you for example

Unfortunately we were unable to test ourselves but a lot of american reviews are full of praise because things look so sleek inside this game won the section is devices who call the service due incredibly thin has a very nice design and if I can believe

Marcus Brownie who has had a hold for a while, the service duo the best intervened stress and just singing along is what microsoft Different from the feels the flips to race are the velvets is that there is a clear idea behind that service do

Other manufacturers are mainly talking about how to get as large a screen as possible into a very small one get smaller form factor at markushof this really is an idea behind you will use apps side by side, one on one screen the other on the other screen and they even give you double shortcuts so you can always open two apps at the same time and that the prime of his and oil cooling and really true screen is not in the service desk and I think that is a good choice because there are still plenty of problems with foldable screens and if you can make a hinge so well that made up for a lot anyway,

But if you look at the past of Microsoft, you often see that when Microsoft makes radically beautiful devices with features you don’t see in other devices yet that many consumers do not want to have one yet in this video

I’ll give you five examples of this products or functions that Microsoft has come up with that we were not quite ready for and we start with the smartwatch because the first smartwatch from Microsoft already dates back to must check i chose there was no my fire was no blood pressure nothing but this timex datalink comes anyway connect wirelessly to your computer anyway, for example on your windows pc of course, fill in your calendar appointments in a program to set what kind of ringtone you wanted on this smart and then you could get that data sending to the smart is done by means of a combination of a bar and

Morse code decoder that was received by a sensor in the guards that converted it back into the data that had been entered in the computer and such asso you always have your agenda at hand and also telephone numbers at hand and of course your favorite ringtone

Through the link box users’ evolutionary new crime exp the team’s success deepens his things and the computer terrorist at Christmas and at home There is loading The Timex Watch is not a huge success and ten years later Microsoft is just trying again to spot a new kind of smartboards and that stands for smart personal object technology is developed in the morning or that a technology with which you could send data to a smartwatch is fm frequencies to use that service you had to pay euros per month, but then you also get your watch current stock prices, the weather forecast and even messages sent by your friends via msn messenger and so cool for that time every other food and so made those watches only and four years later the project was already killed there was too little interest and those fm frequencies yes they worked in some places and not in other places in short, a lot of hassle eventually we had to wait and until the is the pebble came out before we finally had the modern smartwatches we all use now yes this is him then the pebble and eventually of course apple with the apple words went with the big one smartwatch loots off and always check for over between the market and

Microsoft from the smartwatch to the tablet and let’s first listen to the founder of microsoft your gates because that weather overview Computing is one of the base for Microsoft Ben Jerry got on the journey marriages tablet touch screens and health to these cells that took the windows store And he is right in putting bill gates with

Microsoft in full on those tablet computers she brought specifications were all those things had to meet so that manufacturers knew how to make them there was a special windows xp tablet pc edition out that could then run on that tablet and manufacturers went furious with those tablet computers and hybrid flavors ilyn go

USA Your soul ruben ruto but it was not a success

Bill Gates itself predicted that more than half of the PCs and laptops sold within a year tablet computers would be but it was only two percent

Namely, tablet where expensive will have fewer features than laptops and PCs and register with such a stimulus such an old-fashioned tablet but nevertheless Bill Gates insisted he repeated that one more time

Tablet computers are really the future and they eat it while that next to Steve Job

sjamin ibood a cable form factor and then you remember this conversation took place when there was probably plenty of work going onto the first ipad that would come out three years later and apple got in allm

credits from everyone for inventing the modern tablet that must have hurt with bill gatesSo also applies here good idea microsoft but bad timing and especially bad execution and then we go to the smartphone because microsoft once called for that toothis was the time and especially ios and android and the first smartphones often ran on windows mobile nokia with symbian was bigger but other hardware manufacturers such as paul and samsung and all kinds of brands that don’t mean anything to us nowit often ran on windows mobile or some other obscure

Windows mobile operating system was almost a literal translation from windows on the pc to windows on the mobile in terms of looks, still a start menu drop-down minutes no touch friendly interface at all it was

justrila only after that an android show itself in and think more microsoft maybe you should tackle that interface anyway and they come up with windows mobile point with large icons that you can click with your finger but unfortunately it is actually already too late android and ios and at that time also

Nokia and blackberry within the range of windows mobile microsoft eventually tries to repair the damage with windows phone but that does not work either, although it is behind windows forms, a vision that they have only had at apple the last few years the fourth thing in which Microsoft was really at the forefront of integrating operating systems on smartphones, tablets and PCs, initially this one that seemed a bit accidentally hair windows mobile happened to be on the pc version of windows because they probably didn’t know how to design it any better and just pooped that in a small screen that didn’t work but then windows phone came with those square tiles where all the information on it and what was very touch friendly it was by everyone it was praised as a beautiful design and that it really worked

so welland Marx or thought now we will continue windows you also grow completely different from all other windows versions we have had before and we give them the same interface the same look also with the thought that once people are used to that look that she might buy windows phones again, of which not that many were sold at that time, but unfortunately it didn’t work people went crazy about windows because there was no start button anymore

they did not know where to find their programs she doesn’t understand the interface and microsoft had to come up with an update six months later eight point and it just brought the start button back and everyone was reassured the only place where you can still see those tiles that you remember from windows phone is if you already press that start button then on them like that come out and maybe not wait for the success that

Microsoft had in mind, but still the thought of Microsoft was very good to operating systems all merge together because that is exactly what we now see, for example, apple brings ios and macos closer together andcromo is from google and android good also getting closer to each other so microsoft was once again a trendsetter but not the most successful and then the last example with which you can demonstrate that Marcus or quite innovative and that is the fusion between the tablet and the laptop because they were the first to do so because at the same time as Windows and with that radical new design, they are also releasing their own hardware in the service line for the first time the service

artie tablet is, but is it a tablet or is it just a laptop?because you can run an almost full version of windows on it there is a kickstand with which you can focus the screenand you buy a touch of thai case with which you can type on a kind of keyboards this was years ago and what happened this year apple comes out with the with your keyboard for the ipad pro and actually makes the same kind of product and

samsung is making good progress with the tab s plus with keyboard and of course also have the operating system lids on it to turn that tablet into a normal laptop do you see everything comes together in while microsoft that i already invented that service line at microsoft iens really well now, although they needed a number of years for it, but you cannot speak thereof a very good idea but wanted but a bad executionas with those other examples in this video no they were just on time and Microsoft expects that we will also say about those servers duwo in a few years, hey, Microsoft had seen that

correctlyI’m curious what you think let me know in the comments of course give a thumbs up and make sure you never miss a video from us by subscribing to this youtube channel and ring that bell and I’ll see you in the next video bye what do you think is the most innovative against companies nike shop why not microsoft opinionAgree to make Microsoft’s best known name according to your own with microsoft makes computers the greatest computers

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