How to disable, enable auto rotate preview dslr camera lcd.

On Canon and Sony camera.

On Canon camera:
To disable the auto-rotating preview on your Canon camera, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on your camera to access the main menu.
  2. Go to the qrench icon tab.
  3. On tab one, set autorotate to off

With this setting disabled, your camera’s preview screen should no longer automatically rotate when you turn the camera. If you have any issues or questions, consult the camera’s manual or contact Canon customer support for assistance.

On Sony camera

  1. Press Menu
  2. Scroll through the menu to ‘Play’ icon.
  3. On tab ‘2’ set ‘Playback Display’ to ‘Manual rotate’

Checked on Sony SLT-A58 and Canon 77D

Sigma Lens EX DC 30mm F1.4, Sony Minolta a mount review

The Sigma EX DC 30mm F1.4 for Sony is a fast prime lens with a focal length of 30mm, designed for use on Sony cameras with an APS-C sensor. It has a maximum aperture of F1.4, which allows for a shallow depth of field and low-light performance. The lens also features a Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) for fast and quiet autofocus, and has a minimum focusing distance of 11.8 inches. Overall, it is a versatile and high-performing lens that is well-suited for a wide range of photography applications, including portraits, street photography, and reportage.

The Sigma EX DC 30mm F1.4 for Sony is a well-regarded lens for a number of reasons. Some of its strengths include:
• Fast maximum aperture: The F1.4 aperture allows for a shallow depth of field and low-light performance, making it a great lens for portraits, street photography, and other situations where you want to isolate your subject or shoot in dimly-lit environments.
• Sharp image quality: The lens is known for producing sharp and detailed images, with minimal distortion or chromatic aberration.
• Build quality: The lens is made with high-quality materials and has a robust, metal construction.
• HSM motor: The Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) autofocus system is fast, quiet and accurate, which is good for capturing action shots and any other situation where you need to quickly focus on your subject.
• Value: The lens is relatively affordable compared to similar lenses from other manufacturers, making it a great option for photographers on a budget.
Overall, the Sigma EX DC 30mm F1.4 for Sony is an excellent lens that offers a great balance of performance, build quality, and value.

Sony FX9 V3 is here What’s new? Video review and sample footage.

The FX9 is getting more functionality with the new Firmware Version 3.
This makes it possible for the camrea to make use of the real-time tracking.
Control the camera from a distance uwing the remote control capabilities.
Film wide with cinemascop like shooting capabilites, make use of the new anamorphic mode and B4 lens support.

Control remotly via the RCP with S700 Protocol over Ethernet XDCA-FX9 required for RCP Operation.
Cloud transfer is now possible with the C3 Portal Support: Quick connection to the cloud by dedicated mobile app Center.

Addes is the new Scan Mode for super 16 mm lenses.
B4 Lens support with adapter. Anamorphic mode and the Real-time tracking is something we are going to test in detail soon. Subscribe to our yourube channel for the upcomming review:

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