Computer not starting what to do? Easy solution.

If your computer is not starting, there could be a variety of reasons for this. Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

Check the power source: Make sure your computer is properly plugged in and that the outlet or power strip is working.

Check the battery: If you are using a laptop, check to make sure the battery is charged.

Perform a power cycle: Unplug the computer, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. Then press the power button to turn it on.

Check the power button: Ensure that the power button is functioning properly and that the computer is not in sleep mode.

Check the monitor: Make sure the monitor is properly connected to the computer and that the monitor’s power cable is plugged in.

Check the cables: Ensure all the cables are properly connected to the computer, including the power cable, the keyboard and mouse cables, and the monitor cable.

Try a hard reset: Unplug the computer from the power source and press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. Then, plug the computer back in and try turning it on again.

Run diagnostic tests: Some computers have built-in diagnostic tools that can help you identify problems with the hardware.

Try to start the computer in Safe mode: Press F8 or Shift + F8 during boot to start the computer in Safe mode.

Check the BIOS settings: Press the key to enter BIOS settings during the boot process, check if the boot order is correct and that the hard drive is detected.

If the above steps don’t work, it may be a hardware issue, in that case it’s best to contact the manufacturer of the computer or a professional for further assistance.

Note: Before doing any of the above steps, make sure your computer is unplugged to avoid any electrical shock.

How to install add skin to VLC media player

  1. First place the ‘.vlt’ skin file in the VLC media player skin folder file \VideoLAN\VLC\skins
    To find your VLC install location, view by the properties of your VLC media player shortcut, This will show the install location.
    For example: c:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\
  2. Open VLC media player, right click on screen and choose Interface-> Open Skin
  3. Select the ‘.vlt’ file you have downloaded.

Displayed skin on the image above is skin called ‘darkvoodoo.vlt’
VLC media player skins can be downloaded via:

The screenshot shown above is a still from the TV series Smallville, Season 6 Episode 10:

Solve: Can’t delete folder because of thumbs.db

  1. Disable ‘always Show icons, never Thumbnail’
  2. Disk Cleanup – check box thumbnail cleanu up.

Fujitsu Siemens ESPRIMO™ Mobile V5535

Fujitsu_Siemens ESPRIMO_Mobile V5535




Intel® Pentium® dual core Processor T2330 (1.6GHz, 1MB L2 cache, 533 MHz FSB)

– SiS M672 chipset

Operating System

Include Knoppix4 Linux CD


15.4-inch SuperFine WXGA TFT, 1280 x 800 pixels

Modular Bay Device

Dual Layer DVD Super Multi Writer


1GB DDR2 677MHz

Hard Disk



2hrs1 (6-cell Li-Ion 2000mAh)



Detailed Specifications

Hard Disk Drive

SATA (5400 rpm)


SiS Mirage 3+ Graphics, up to a max. shared memory of 256MB

High Definition (HD) Audio

RealTek ALC268

HD Audio-in: Line-in, Microphone HD Audio-out: Line-out, Headphone


Built-in 10/100/10002 Mbps SiS 196 LAN and Atheros BG WLAN network connection

User Interface

Keyboard: 86-key, 19mm keys pitch, 2.5mm key stroke Touch Pad with two mouse buttons

Card Slots

1 x ExpressCard™ 54/34mm slot

Connector Interface

USB 2.0 x 3, VGA (external display), RJ45 (LAN), Audio-in, Audio-out, Power Adapter DC-in


User and supervisor BIOS password, Anti-theft Lock Slot


360mm(W) x 260mm (D) x 39mm (H)

Bundled Accessories3

AC Adapter

Input AC 100~240V, Output DC 20V/90W Adapter

The above information shows the general technical specifications of the product and does not represent actual configuration that would be sold in your region. For specific configurations and their availability, please check with your local distributors.

  1. Results obtained from BAPCo® MobileMark® 2005 (Reader Workload) performed on systems with maximum battery life settings under laboratory testing environment. Actual battery life will vary based on screen brightness, sound volume settings, running applications, connected peripherals, power management settings, battery conditioning, and other customer preferences in real life situation.
  2. This term does not represent actual data rate of 1000/100/10Mbps and simply indicates compliance with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u and IEEE 802.3ab standards. Actual maximum data rate depends on network configurations, cable conditions as well as connected devices
  3. Please check actual bundling / Specification with country local distributor.
  4. Both the Knoppix Linux Operation System and its respective Drivers are not supported.

BAPCo® MobileMark® 2005 is the premier notebook battery life and performance under battery life metric based on real world applications for Windows® XP platforms.

It is natural for all thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal displays (LCD) to show a small number of missing or discoloured dots. These are commonly known as non-conforming pixels. This is a technology limitation of TFT LCD and does not represent a defect. Fujitsu warranty does not does cover limitations in technology such as non-conforming pixels.

Specifications reflected above are engineering and hardware specifications. They do not represent actual usage or operating dimensions, sizes, performances and weights as these are dependent on factors such as operating temperature, type of operating system and application used, connected devices and accessories as well as hardware configurations of the notebook. Please check the compatibility of 3rd party accessories before purchase. Ambient temperature: 5° to 35°C / 41 to 95°F (operating), -15° to 60°C / 5 to 140°F (non-operating). Relative humidity: 20% to 85% RH (operating), 8% to 85% RH (non-operating). Please note that GB = billion bytes. 1GB is equivalent to 1,073,741,824 bytes.

Fujitsu Systems
Business (Thailand) Ltd PC Division
Tel : (66-2) 263 7888
Fax : (66-2) 263 7880
Fujitsu Vietnam Ltd
Tel : (84-4) 831 3895
Fax : (84-4) 831 3898
Note: For countries not listed
above, please contact our Hong Kong office.

All rights to the mentioned trademarks reside with their respective owners. Fujitsu endeavours to ensure that the information in this documentation is correct and fairly stated, but does not accept liability for any errors or omissions. The development of Fujitsu products and services is continuous and published information may not be up to date. It is important to check the current position with Fujitsu. The document is not part of the contract or licence save in so far as may be expressly agreed.

JOB NO.: 1865 • Printed by Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Limited in November 2007. Information is correct at time of printing.


Various info:

V5535 disassembly

Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5535 Disassembly Part 1



Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012-12NG Model NT.L6HEH.010

Aspire Switch 10


A 2-in-1 as versatile as you areCan a machine be brilliant? The Aspire Switch 10 thinks so. With a Full HD display1 that reveals bright colors and crisp, clear text, it delivers a lifelike visual experience. The Gorilla® Glass 3 display protects against scratches and improves durability. Moving smoothly between four modes, the Aspire Switch 10 boosts productivity no matter where your journey takes you.

Screen Size


Silver Black


Get Ready for Windows 10 Now

A spectacular view

With the resolution to bring details to life and the resilience to battle wear and tear, the Aspire Switch 10 is a stunning device you will want to share. Full HD1 (1920 x 1200) display, Zero Air Gap, and IPS technology2 combine to provide vivid clarity and bright color from every angle.


Super-strength glass

The new-generation Gorilla® Glass 3 makes your display tougher than ever with Native Damage Resistance. Gorilla® Glass 3 provides 3x better scratch resistance and reduces existing scratch visibility.

A mode for every instant

A mode for every instant

The Aspire Switch 10 is powered by an Intel® Atom™ CPU and transforms into four distinct modes that enable you to multitask in any environment. Detach and use it as a tablet, get tasks done in laptop mode, pivot its screen to share, or flip to watch a movie when space is limited.

Acer Snap Hinge™

Acer Snap Hinge™

Flip, rotate, or detach in a snap — the Aspire Switch 10’s unique Acer Snap Hinge uses the invisible force of magnetism to provide a latch-less docking solution that lets you smoothly remove and re-attach the keyboard to the display.

Brushed aluminum design

Brushed aluminum design

Acer’s innovative nano-imprint technology (NIL) offers a wide range of stylish laptop cover options using new environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The rear cover of the Aspire Switch 10 is made from aluminum and NIL technology and is finished with a gentle gray brush stroke, creating an elegant and unique design.

Super thin and feather light

Super thin and feather light

At a mere 8.9 mm thin in tablet mode, the Aspire Switch 10 transforms into one of the slimmest 2-in-1 laptops you can buy. It weighs in at just 1.17 kg, so you can effortlessly keep the Aspire Switch 10 at your side all day long.

Zero Air Gap

Zero Air Gap

Zero Air Gap technology unites touch and sight better than ever for a truly impressive touchscreen experience. This technology directly bonds the module to the touch panel thereby eliminating reflections, which can degrade contrast and viewing angles, especially in sunlight conditions.

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