How to stand up for youself, avoid conlict? Unexpected anwser!

Avoiding everything related to conflict could be seen as avoiding self growth.
That only temporarly prevents the conflicts you meet repeatadly.

There is a reason that those kinds of people/things come your way.
Of course you coukld walk away from everything.

But ‘walking away’ could be a victim role.
How nice would it be if the person you find ‘annoying’ walked away by themself?

Then you have experienced growth yourself.
Here on Earth, almost everything is a reflection of yourself.

You can even observe this with animals and children, where they are hectic towards you at first and then come to lie down quietly with you, because you have changed something in yourself.

So how do you stand up for youself?
Well it starts with yourself.

Learn to relax and give yourself some love wherever you are and with whoever you are with.

Being satisfied with who you are and what you have is feeling fulfilled, not just recognition from others.

People do this ‘prove’ thing to everyone 24/7 and they don’t even know they’re doing it (including to family and friends they don’t have to run away from).

You attract what you do and are, if you learn to relax and give self-love, then you also attract those kinds of people.

Until then, the universe gives you a ‘hard time’ and you are in a ‘repeat’.

It doesn’t just have to do with ‘others’, you need at least 2 people for an argument.

If you don’t give away your power to others, then other can’t rule you.

Work on yourself is important, if everyone else did that, imagein the world we would be in.
How do you cope with conflicts? How do you cope with your axienty?
Leave a comment here below.

About Emotions in the current society

We live in a society where only 1 emotion can exist at a time, otherwise you will be declared crazy. Either you laugh or you are angry or you cry, and preferably you should never be angry or cry, because then you are ‘bad’.
Either you’re a good guy or you’re a bad guy.
Just like with Britney Spears at some point when you only pay attention to 1 emotion and the other is not allowed to be there and it doesn’t look nice, it comes up in annoying ways.
for example, because one person is then only labeled as ‘nice and funny’, then he does not feel seen in other parts.

Now also from personal experience. He was not seen for a long time. her insecure side, seen only as ‘the one who was always nice and quiet’
The fact that the person was put in an incubator immediately after the Caesarean section, and therefore had no direct contact with that person’s mother (because she was also unconscious) ensured that the person never feels at home anywhere or with anyone afterwards.

(Because a mother’s first touch is very important right after birth.)
That remains a life journey for them to deal with it. So that person thinks it is important that people also see sadness in that person, and anger. Last year with great difficulty, that person’s father also saw that in that person, that person demanded that, only then did the person feel seen by him.

Emotions are like a rainbow, all emotions are just as beautiful and should be welcome in society.

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