How ChatGPT Helped Me Create Right Greeting Names by Gender-recognition for Client Email in Excel!

James Smith – becomes: Dear Mr. Smith,
Emily Anderson – becomes: Dear Mrs. Anderson,

As the owner of an online store, I faced the challenge of personalizing communication without spending endless hours on manual adjustments. My goal was to automatically add friendly personal greetings like “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam” to customer names in my spreadsheet. To make this process smoother, I turned to ChatGPT.



  1. Prompt for ChatGPT: I initiated the process by providing a list of names and instructing ChatGPT to generate personalized greetings based on each name. For example:diffCopy code
    - James Smith - David Brown
    - Michael Johnson - Brian Williams
  2. Instruction: Instructed ChatGPT to create appropriate greetings without explicitly mentioning gender information. The goal was to see if ChatGPT could discern gender patterns inherent in the names.
  3. Observation: To my amazement, ChatGPT successfully recognized gender patterns within names. For instance, it generated:diffCopy code

    - James Smith -> Dear Mr. Smith,
    - David Brown -> Dear Mr. Brown,
    - Michael Johnson -> Dear Mr. Johnson,
    - Brian Williams -> Dear Mr. Williams,

    The understanding displayed by ChatGPT, recognizing “James” and “Michael” as male names, showcases its remarkable ability to discern gender without specific gender-related prompts.

    In short:

I asked ChatGPT to generate the right personal greetings based on the names alone, without explicitly providing gender information. What astonished me was that ChatGPT, with its remarkable understanding, discerned gender patterns inherent in names. For instance, it recognized “Jasmine” as female and “Michael” as male without any additional input.

Guiding ChatGPT: Organizing Names into Excel Cells for Seamless Formatting

The results were initially all in one cell, which didn’t match the Excel format where each name should be in a separate cell.
To address this, I clarified my instructions and specifically instructed ChatGPT to format the names in separate cells, like 22C, 23C, and 24C. Remarkably, ChatGPT adapted accordingly.


Teaming up with ChatGPT has led to an automated and personal touch in customer communication for my online store. The astounding ability of ChatGPT to recognize gender patterns within names and adapt the formatting accordingly has made this process not only efficient but also almost magical.


DJI Mic 2 Review: Unleashing Superior Audio Quality for Your Content Creation Needs

DJI Mic 2: Is It Worth It? What’s New and Why? Review by #SophiaLovallure

If you’ve been searching for the perfect compact yet powerful microphone, your quest ends here. In this article, we delve into the world of the new DJI Mic 2 – a small marvel that packs a punch in the audio department.

Bluetooth Recording for Unmatched Convenience

One standout feature of the DJI Mic 2 is its ability to record via Bluetooth. This not only adds to the overall convenience but also opens up new possibilities for seamless recording experiences.

32-Bit Float Recording: A Game-Changer

The Mic 2 introduces 32-bit float recording, a game-changer in the audio recording realm. What does this mean for you? Well, say goodbye to ruined recordings due to loud sounds or clipping. This innovative feature allows you to fix any such issues in post-production, ensuring your audio remains crisp and clear.

Built-In Noise Cancelling: Say Goodbye to Background Noise

One of the Mic 2’s standout features is its built-in noise cancelling option. While you can always fine-tune this in post-production, having it built into the device is a handy feature. It effectively reduces background noise, making your recordings cleaner and more professional.

Impressive Battery Life and Wireless Reach

Worried about your microphone dying in the middle of a live recording? Fear not! The Mic 2 boasts an impressive 18-hour battery life, ensuring you can keep going without interruptions. Plus, its enhanced wireless reach provides you with the freedom to move around without compromising on audio quality.

Comparison with DJI Mic 1: What’s New?

For those familiar with the DJI Mic 1, you’ll want to know how the Mic 2 stacks up. Stay tuned for an in-depth comparison where we’ll explore the improvements and innovations in the Mic 2.

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Until next time, happy recording!

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DJI Announced video.


The New DJI Air 3: A New Era in Aerial Photography, video footage

View the video now, 2023:

Introducing the DJI Air 3: A New Era in Aerial Photography

Unleash Your Creativity with DJI Air 3

The DJI Air 3 is here, revolutionizing the way we capture aerial photography and videography. Packed with cutting-edge technology and innovative features, the Air 3 takes drone photography to new heights. Let’s explore some of the key features that make this drone a game-changer:

Dual-Primary-Camera System

The DJI Air 3 sets itself apart with its first-of-its-kind dual-primary-camera system. Equipped with a 1/1.3-inch-CMOS wide-angle camera and a 1/1.3-inch-CMOS 3x medium tele camera, the Air 3 offers unparalleled imaging possibilities. Both cameras have the same sensor size but different focal lengths, ensuring consistent image quality and expanded creative options.

The Wide-Angle Camera boasts a 2.4μm pixel size, 24mm format equivalent, and an f/1.7 aperture, making it perfect for capturing sweeping landscapes with stunning detail.

On the other hand, the 3x Medium Tele Camera features a 2.4μm pixel size, 70mm format equivalent, and an f/2.8 aperture. This camera allows for lossless 3x optical zoom, providing a unique perspective for any subject.

Dual-Camera 48MP Photos & 4K/60fps HDR Videos

With both cameras capable of capturing 48MP photos, you can now shoot true-to-life images with incredible detail. These high-resolution photos also offer seamless cropping options during post-processing.

For video enthusiasts, the Air 3 delivers breathtaking 4K/60fps HDR videos. The dual native ISO support ensures rich coloring and natural lighting transitions, resulting in highly-accurate and cinematic footage.

Extended Flight Time & Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing

The Air 3 takes flight time to new heights, offering up to 46 minutes of continuous flight, a remarkable 48% improvement over the previous generation. This extended air time allows for more exploration, adjustments, and creative shots during a single flight.

Safety is a top priority with the Air 3’s Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing system. This advanced technology enables the drone to detect obstacles in all directions, ensuring smoother avoidance movements and an overall safer flying experience.

O4 HD Video Transmission & Intelligent Features

Equipped with the new O4 HD video transmission system, the Air 3 delivers stable and long-range video feeds, up to 20 km. This ensures ultra-smooth viewing and operation even from a distance.

The Air 3 also comes with a range of intelligent flight modes to inspire your creativity. From FocusTrack, Spotlight 2.0, ActiveTrack 5.0, to Point of Interest 3.0 and QuickShots, these features make capturing professional-level shots effortless.


Complementary Cameras for Dynamic Imaging

Incorporating a 1/1.3-inch-CMOS wide-angle camera and a 3x medium tele camera, the DJI Air 3 offers consistent image quality and unlocks a world of dynamic imaging possibilities.

Extended Flight Time with Smart Power Management

Enjoy an impressive 46-minute flight time with the Air 3, marking a significant 48% increase compared to previous models. Additionally, the battery charging hub supports power transfer among batteries, ensuring maximum efficiency during extended flights.

Dual-Camera Brilliance: 48MP Photos

Both cameras on the Air 3 are capable of capturing stunning 48MP photos with lifelike details, allowing seamless post-processing cropping for added flexibility.

Enhanced Safety with Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing

The Air 3 is equipped with omnidirectional obstacle sensing technology, enabling it to detect obstacles in all directions. Coupled with the APAS 5.0 system, the drone executes smoother avoidance maneuvers, delivering a safer and more reliable flying experience.

Cinematic 4K/60fps HDR Videos

The Air 3’s two 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensors support dual native ISO, enabling the direct output of 4K/60fps HDR videos without cropping. This results in rich and natural-looking footage with vibrant colors and stunning clarity.

Advanced O4 HD Video Transmission

Experience seamless and stable video transmission with the Air 3’s next-gen O4 HD video transmission system, offering a maximum range of 20 km and a crystal-clear 1080p/60fps live feed.

Accessories and Services

To complement the DJI Air 3, a range of accessories is available, including the DJI RC 2 remote controller with a built-in 5.5-inch FHD screen, ND filters set, intelligent flight batteries, and more.

Additionally, DJI Care Refresh offers affordable replacements, flyaway coverage, free shipping, and exclusive technical service to provide extra peace of mind.


The DJI Air 3 is a powerhouse in the world of drone photography and videography. With its dual-primary-camera system, extended flight time, intelligent features, and advanced shooting modes, the Air 3 opens up a world of creative possibilities for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Ready to take your aerial photography to the next level? Don’t miss out on the DJI Air 3—get yours now at the official online DJI Store and elevate your drone experience!

[Please note that all data was tested using a production model DJI Air 3 in a controlled environment, and actual experiences may vary depending on the environment, usage, and firmware version. Always abide by local laws and regulations before flying.]

6 reasons to buy DJI Mavic 3 Pro: Unleashing Infinite Creativity with Next-Level Imaging Performance

The DJI Mavic 3 Pro is a camera drone that has a triple-camera system with different lenses that provide new shooting perspectives for creative freedom. The drone features a Hasselblad camera and dual tele cameras, enabling users to capture fascinating scenery, explore photographic storytelling, and make cinematic masterpieces.


Link to youtube video:

The Hasselblad camera supports shooting high-quality RAW photos with a wide dynamic range and accurate color restoration. The tele cameras have higher resolution and a wider aperture, allowing for 4K/60fps video and 12MP photos with up to 28x zoom. The drone has a long flight time of up to 43 minutes and obstacle sensing technology for safe flying. Additionally, the DJI O3+ provides stable video transmission up to 15 km distance and the LightCut app allows for quick previewing and editing of footage on a phone.

  1. Triple-camera system: The Mavic 3 Pro has a triple-camera system with different focal lengths that allows for new shooting perspectives and creative freedom.
  2. Hasselblad camera: The drone features a Hasselblad camera that supports shooting 12-bit RAW photos with a native dynamic range of up to 12.8 stops, providing high-quality image details.
  3. Telephoto creativity: The upgraded tele camera features higher resolution and a wider f/3.4 aperture. It supports shooting 4K/60fps video with 7x optical zoom and 12MP photos. The hybrid zoom reaches up to 28x.
  4. Extended flight time: Mavic 3 Pro provides up to 43 minutes of flight time, giving you more confidence to fly further and spend less time worrying about the battery level.
  5. Omnidirectional obstacle sensing and APAS 5.0: Eight wide-angle vision sensors work seamlessly with a high-performance vision computing engine to precisely sense obstacles in all directions and plan a safe flight route to avoid them.
  6. Flagship video transmission: DJI O3+ features a transmission distance of up to 15 km with stable signals, presenting a more coherent camera view. It can transmit a 1080p/60fps HD live feed, giving you a more vibrant video feed on your monitor.

Additionally, the Mavic 3 Pro comes with the LightCut app, which allows for wireless connection to your phone for quick clip previewing and AI-based One-Tap Edit without the need to download the footage, saving storage on your phone. The app also includes templates specifically designed for MasterShots, making it easy for you to create impressive aerial videos effortlessly.

Overall, the DJI Mavic 3 Pro is a triple-camera drone that features next-level imaging performance and unlocks new shooting perspectives for photographers and videographers. Equipped with a Hasselblad camera and dual tele cameras, this drone provides up to 43 minutes of flight time, has omnidirectional obstacle sensing and APAS 5.0, and boasts a flagship video transmission system with a transmission distance of up to 15 km. With its LightCut app, the Mavic 3 Pro offers quick clip previewing and AI-based editing capabilities, making it the perfect tool for creating stunning aerial footage with ease.

5 Reasons Why the Inspire 3 Drone is a Must-Have for Aerial Photography and Videography Enthusiasts

The latest iteration of the Inspire drone, the Inspire 3, comes with expanded options for obstacle avoidance that offer pilots greater control over sensing direction, range, and more. Equipped with a dual-antenna design, the drone also boasts powerful internal orientation capabilities that improve flight accuracy and safety while eliminating the need for compass calibration in most scenarios. With three GNSS systems powered by integrated RTK antennas, the Inspire 3 can achieve centimeter-level positioning when used with a D-RTK 2 ground station or network RTK.

DJI Inspire 3 Drone Footage Video – Must See!

One of the standout features of the Inspire 3 is its RTK technology, which provides centimeter accuracy and significantly enhances the Waypoint Pro functionality and precision. The drone offers two Waypoint Pro options: Repeatable Routes and 3D Dolly. The former provides pro-level parameter control along precisely repeatable flight routes, while the latter lets users create an aerial motion path and move along it back and forth at manually adjustable speeds with full gimbal control. This precision allows for shots that were previously impossible.

The Inspire 3 features a cinema-grade imaging system that includes the brand-new Zenmuse X9-8K Air camera with a full-frame sensor. This camera allows users to record up to 8K using ProRes RAW and CinemaDNG codecs, or even shoot full-frame 120 frames per second in 4K for pro-level slow-motion shots. With a Dual-Native EI of 800 and 4000, the X9-Air delivers 14+ stops of dynamic range, enabling confident shooting in a wide variety of lighting conditions. In addition, the DJI Cinema Color System provides exceptional color science for outstanding image performance.

To empower DOPs with more creative freedom, the DJI DL mount features a new 18 mm F2.8 lens, as well as new telephoto lenses. The Inspire 3 also offers a new Tilt Boost mode that enables an 80° upward gimbal angle with no obstructions in the FOV. For seamless integration on high-end film sets, the drone offers timecode sync support and features the DJI RC Plus, which includes a 7-inch, 1,200-nit high-brightness screen for precision control. With the ability to use both built-in and external batteries, the drone provides up to 6 hours of operating time and support for hot swaps.

The O3 Pro transmission of Inspire 3 enables effortless collaborations on set, allowing the pilot and gimbal operator to independently receive video links from the drone with reliable, high-quality 1080p/60fps video feeds within a 15km range. The drone can also be paired with one RC Plus and one High-Bright Remote Monitor, offering control compatibility with products like 4D Hand Grips and Master Wheels. The DJI Three-Channel Follow Focus can be connected to the RC Plus to facilitate remote focus and iris control on the X9-Air.

Overall, the Inspire 3 is an impressive drone that offers groundbreaking features and sets a new standard for intelligent aerial cinematography. It provides pilots and DOPs with greater creative freedom and enables shots that were previously impossible, all while delivering exceptional image quality and seamless integration on high-end film sets.

The DJI Inspire 3 is a highly advanced drone designed for professional filmmakers and photographers.

The drone features expanded obstacle avoidance options, customizable settings, and powerful internal orientation capabilities that improve flight accuracy and safety.

Three GNSS systems powered by integrated RTK antennas allow for centimeter-level positioning.

The Inspire 3 also features Waypoint Pro functionality with two options, Repeatable Routes and 3D Dolly, for precise and complex shots.

The Zenmuse X9-8K Air camera with a full-frame sensor enables up to 8K video recording and 120 frames per second in 4K for pro-level slow-motion shots.

The DJI Cinema Color System and DJI DL mount offer exceptional color science and a unique cinema lens selection for creative shooting angles.

The Inspire 3’s development focused on seamless integration into high-end film sets, with timecode sync support and reliable, high-quality 1080p/60fps video feeds within a 15km range.

The drone also features dual-RC-Plus operation, compatibility with DJI PRO ecosystem products, and the ability to control focus and iris remotely.

With all these features, the Inspire 3 offers unparalleled precision and accuracy, promising new possibilities for aerial cinematography.

UFO pentagon video’s from tv news channels around the world

The truth about UFOs how they are to be exposed in US government report from 7 NEWS.

Even Barack Obama just said something very interesting about UFOs

Upcoming Pentagon UFO report how Congress is creating lots of buzz broadcasted by ABC7
How the subject of UFOs video’s has evolved from fringe to federal probe information

In this video Tucker reports it’s time for answers

Official RADAR data confirms unknwon flying objects:  USS Omaha was surrounded by UFO swarm

Legendary Westall’s 50-year-old UFO sighting emerges again 7NEWS

Fired Space Force commander’s Marxist is giving warning ‘completely true’ by Murray

All new footage shows amazing UFOs swarming US Navy ship

penmtagon ufo report

There have been a number of UFO sightings that have been reported by television news channels around the world. Some of these sightings have been captured on video and have gained widespread attention. Here are a few examples:

  1. Phoenix Lights: In 1997, a series of lights were seen in the sky over Phoenix, Arizona. The lights were observed by thousands of people and were captured on video by several news stations.
  2. O’Hare Airport UFO: In 2006, a UFO was sighted hovering over O’Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois. Several witnesses, including airport employees, reported seeing the object, and the incident was covered by local news stations.
  3. Stephenville Lights: In 2008, a series of bright lights were seen in the sky over Stephenville, Texas. The lights were observed by hundreds of people and were captured on video by several news stations.
  4. Belgium UFO: In 1989, a UFO was sighted over Belgium and was observed by hundreds of people. The incident was widely reported by news channels and was later the subject of a book and a film.

It is worth noting that many UFO sightings are eventually explained as natural phenomena, aircraft, or other man-made objects. However, some sightings remain unexplained and continue to be the subject of debate and speculation.

There has been a lot of media attention on a series of videos released by the Pentagon in April 2021, which purport to show unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The videos were originally recorded by Navy pilots and were leaked to the public in 2007 and 2017. The Pentagon acknowledged the authenticity of the videos and released them in an effort to be transparent with the public.

The videos show encounters between military aircraft and what appear to be unidentified flying objects. In one video, a UFO is seen moving at high speed and making sudden changes in direction that would be difficult for a human pilot to achieve. In another video, a UFO is seen hovering in the air before quickly accelerating out of view.

Many people have speculated about the nature of the objects in the videos, with some suggesting that they could be advanced military technology or even extraterrestrial spacecraft. However, the Pentagon has stated that they do not know the origin or purpose of the objects and that they are not able to identify them.

It is worth noting that the Pentagon has a program called the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force (UAPTF) that is responsible for investigating reports of unidentified flying objects. The UAPTF was established in 2020 in response to a series of incidents involving military aircraft and unidentified flying objects. The purpose of the task force is to collect and analyze information about these incidents in order to understand what is happening and to determine any potential threats to national security.

The Pentagon has released several videos of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that were recorded by military personnel. These videos, which have been widely circulated online, show unidentified objects exhibiting characteristics that are not consistent with known aircraft or drones. The Pentagon has stated that it is not able to identify the objects in the videos and that it is not sure what they are.

In April 2020, the Pentagon released three videos that had been recorded by U.S. Navy pilots in 2004 and 2015. The videos, which were captured by the pilots’ onboard cameras, show small, unidentified objects moving at high speeds and making sudden, seemingly impossible turns.

In June 2020, the Pentagon also released a report on UFO sightings by military personnel. The report, which was commissioned by the U.S. Congress, acknowledges that the military has encountered many anomalous aircraft that have been difficult to identify, but it does not offer any definitive conclusions about what the objects might be.

There has been much speculation about the nature of these UFO sightings, with some people suggesting that they may be evidence of extraterrestrial visitation, while others believe that they could be advanced military technology or some other as-yet-unknown phenomenon.

Canon EOS R5C released What’s new? Review and sample footage


Stunning 8K video and 45MP stills. Ready for anything.
Shoot incredible 8K movies and capture rich, detailed 45MP stills, all from the beautifully compact EOS R5 C; a camera that combines the best of Cinema EOS with all the advantages of the EOS R-series. It’s ready for anything – are you?

The camera is a FULL FRAME camera with a 8K CMOS SENSOR
capable of shooting 8K/30P RAW RECORDING

Stunning 8K video and 45MP stills. Ready for anything.
Shoot incredible 8K movies and capture rich, detailed 45MP stills, all from the beautifully compact EOS R5 C; a camera that combines the best of Cinema EOS with all the advantages of the EOS R-series. It’s ready for anything – are you?

Encode audio in 8k RAW 12-bit video files, get the best quality pictures.

Color sample in 4K 4:2:2: at 10-bit XF-AVC

Encode audio in 8k RAW 12-bit video files, get the best quality pictures.

Color sample in 4K 4:2:2: at 10-bit XF-AVC

We are excited to introduce you to a new addition to the Cinema EOS family, the Canon EOS R5 C.

The Canon EOS R5 C is a professional hybrid cinema camera, designed for solo operators that require a one-stop solution for their production needs. It combines the professional filmmaking features expected from a Cinema EOS camera with the powerful photographic capabilities of the EOS R System.

The Canon EOS R5 C sits alongside the EOS R5, to offer two incredibly powerful hybrid solutions.

Mount it on a tripod, gimbal or drone, the Canon EOS R5 C allows you to shoot whatever you want, however you want and should be at the heart of your next production. Whether you’re shooting weddings, music, virtual reality, or a cinematic travel documentary, the Canon EOS R5 C is ready for anything.

The Canon EOS R5C is a mirrorless digital camera that was released in 2021. It is the successor to the Canon EOS R5, which was released in 2020. The R5C features a new CMOS sensor and improved autofocus performance compared to the R5.

Here are some of the key differences between the Canon EOS R5C and the R5:

  1. Sensor: The R5C has a 45 megapixel CMOS sensor, while the R5 has a 45 megapixel CMOS sensor with a low-pass filter.
  2. Autofocus: The R5C has improved autofocus performance, with more AF points and improved tracking capabilities.
  3. Video: The R5C can record 8K video at 60 fps and 4K video at 120 fps, while the R5 can only record 8K video at 30 fps and 4K video at 60 fps.
  4. Continuous shooting: The R5C has a continuous shooting speed of 20 fps with the mechanical shutter and 30 fps with the electronic shutter, while the R5 has a continuous shooting speed of 20 fps with the mechanical shutter and 12 fps with the electronic shutter.
  5. Processor: The R5C has a newer image processor (DIGIC X) compared to the R5 (DIGIC X).

Overall, the Canon EOS R5C is a more advanced and capable camera than the R5, with improved sensor, autofocus, and video capabilities.

Sony FX9 V3 is here What’s new? Video review and sample footage.

The FX9 is getting more functionality with the new Firmware Version 3.
This makes it possible for the camrea to make use of the real-time tracking.
Control the camera from a distance uwing the remote control capabilities.
Film wide with cinemascop like shooting capabilites, make use of the new anamorphic mode and B4 lens support.

Control remotly via the RCP with S700 Protocol over Ethernet XDCA-FX9 required for RCP Operation.
Cloud transfer is now possible with the C3 Portal Support: Quick connection to the cloud by dedicated mobile app Center.

Addes is the new Scan Mode for super 16 mm lenses.
B4 Lens support with adapter. Anamorphic mode and the Real-time tracking is something we are going to test in detail soon. Subscribe to our yourube channel for the upcomming review:

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