How to search jpeg image by exif meta tag data, different size files.

How can you search image jpeg and photo exif keywords?

Picasa has built in tag, label and comment option.
Picasa can also search images by tags, comments and exif keywords.

Does changing exif or metadata in Jpeg image degrade Image Quality?
No if the software you are using only alters/ edits the meta tag, exif information the the image quality should stay the same.

Why are jpeg image file size different on two hard drives?
The images could vary, be different in size if you change the meta tag exif information on one of the files images.
Changing meta tag information makes the image bigger if you add more information to the image file.
It becomes smaller if you remove information from the image file.

Different file sizes on different drives could also be if you change the image, jpeg file, like change the compression, aspect ratio or resolution.
Also if you add compression to the image file.

Software like Picasa uses XMP exif system:

Place/Locality information
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Short Title

You can search for other software via this link:
exif viewer software

Search photos by EXIF tags (JPG or RAW)

Tjhere are many exfi viewing software. Also online.
The exif information may look like this:

·ImageDescription : ·  Make : SONY ·  Model : DSC-HX100V ·  Orientation : 1 ·  XResolution : 72 [72/1] ·  YResolution : 72 [72/1] ·  ResolutionUnit : 2 ·  DateTime : 2020:02:25 15:34:23 ·YCbCrPositioning : 2 ·  ExifIFDPointer : 272 ·  undefined : [4 values]  ISOSpeedRatings : 100 ·  ExifVersion : 0230 DateTimeOriginal : 2020:02:25 15:34:23 ·  DateTimeDigitized : 2020:02:25 15:34:23 ·  ComponentsConfiguration : YCbCr ·  CompressedBitsPerPixel : 2 [2/1] ·  BrightnessValue : 10.36875 ·  ExposureBias : 0 ·  MaxApertureValue : 3 [48/16] ·  MeteringMode : Pattern ·  LightSource : Unknown


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