Control PC fan speed with Asus Fan control FanXpert

You can find the software at the Asus website:

Select your operation system.

Under ‘Utilities’

Install the Packaged named:

Additionally the package includes :
ASUSUpdate – update software from Asus
Network_iControl – Network software
Probe_II – Motherboard sensor … Read the rest

Installing 802.11 n USB Wireless Network Wifi Adapter

installing_802-11_n_usb-wireless-network-wifi-adapterInstalling 802.11 n USB Wireless Network Wifi Adapter

You can buy the adapter via  Ebay:

‘Driver for Windows 7 64 bit:

To use the adapter:
There are many software for using the wifi adapter.
For example:  Virtual Router Read the rest

Turn your pc or phone into a wifi router modem


Turn your pc into a wifi router:

Read the rest