Sony Xperia™ Z3

Xperia™ Z3

Impossibly slim and wonderfully powerful, the Xperia Z3 is the smartphone that helps you do more and go further.

Your best moments deserve more than dark, blurry shots. Years of Sony camera expertise mean that the Xperia Z3 is packed full of our famous Cyber-shot and Handycam technologies. So every image you capture will be crisp, bright and sharp – exactly as you remember it.

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Low light won’t hold you back

The Xperia Z3’s unbelievable ISO 12800 sensitivity lets you capture great images in low light.

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Get everyone in the picture

With Sony’s award-winning G Lens and 25 mm wide-angle lens, you can fit more into every frame.

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As vivid as you remember it

Capture everything you see in high resolution 4K video – four times the detail of Full HD 1080p.

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Two days of what you love

Get directions at midnight, binge-watch your favourite TV programme or battle your way through the levels of a great game. The Xperia Z3’s incredible two-day* battery means you get more power from a single charge.

Designed to stand the test of time

With Sony’s passion for perfection, this waterproof smartphone blends design and engineering to deliver beauty that lasts.

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Right at home in your hand

The Xperia Z3 boasts a super-slim frame and uniquely designed power button, making it the perfect fit for your hand.

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Looks good. Feels good.

A blend of premium materials including aluminium and durable tempered glass give the Xperia Z3 an elegant, premium finish.

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Ready for anything

A smartphone you can take with you wherever you go – the Xperia Z3 is waterproof and dust-tight with a rating of IP65/68**.

Take the game with you

Enjoy a PS4 gaming experience that only Sony can provide. Connect and play your favourite PS4 games on Xperia Z3’s super-bright, Full HD display.

Xperia Z3 Review

“Best phone I’ve used so far. Especially coming from my Samsung S4 which feels antiquated after using Z3. Amazing battery life, gorgeous display, feels really really fast and good quality camera. Would recommend to anyone.

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