How to combine multiple text .txt files into one – In Windows

How to combine multiple text .txt files into one - Windows

Step 1. place all the text .txt files in one folder
Now we can use the Windows CMD/ command prompt to combine the different text files into one.
To do this we must go to the folder where the files are with the Windows CMD/ command prompt.

Step 2. How to run CMD specific folder?
Suppose you have the files in C:\Folder name A\
Press and hold the ‘shift’ key and click the right mouse button.
Then click on the function ‘Open Command Prompt Here option’

Now your CMD wil show the path, folder you have selected and where the text files are in.

Step 3: Run the command to combine the multiple .text files and combine into one.
Copy and paste the following code into the CMD window:
copy *.txt > combined.txt

Press enter and the CMD should do the work.

Extra option, note this will copy all the ‘.txt’ files into ‘combined.txt’ file.
Because we put * before the .txt file extension. * means all file names.

Step 4: If you want to specify file names then remove the * and type in the specific file names that you want to copy into one combines .txt file. For example ‘Journal 1.txt’ ‘Message 2.txt’

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